Want to Create a Custom Polo Shirt?

Want to Create a Custom Polo Shirt?

Hello!  Did you know one of the things we enjoy the most is working with customers to create a custom polo shirt?  We're not just talking about embroidering your logo on an existing Three Stars Golf shirt - although we can do that too!

Do you have an upcoming golf tournament in which you want to stand out and promote your golf club, event, etc.? Then why not provide your participants with something unique in the form of a custom shirt rather than the usual swag?!  Maybe you want to elevate your pro shop and design a shirt unique to your club for your members and their guests.  Maybe you want your business to have their own company shirts.  The options are endless. 

It's really a simply process to get started.  Just shoot us an email at info@threestarsgolf.com, and we will be glad to discuss with you your project.  If you have a design in mind already, then that's great.  If not, no worries!  We can come up with something together.

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